Remember to Practice Social Distancing

Food or beverage carry-ins are NOT allowed,

  • Speed  limit inside the event is 5 MPH.

  • Parents / guardians are  responsible for their children and must watch them at all times  while at the event.

  • No sitting on the roof of  vehicles. It is unsafe and can obstruct the view of those behind  you.

  • If you leave the event for  any reason you must pay to re-enter.

  • Vehicle lighting during the  movie is not prohibited

  • Each vehicle must be parked 6  feet apart. Parking attendants are onsite to help with proper  parking

  • Garbage Bags will be made  available at the gate for your use. Garbage can be drop off when  exiting the event

  • No dogs will be allowed

  • We reserve the right to  refuse service to anyone.


  • Will there be any concessions?

Yes, We will be selling Popcorn, Candy, Hotdogs, Sodas, Waters and more!

  • What's the Movie?

We will be announcing that as soon as the studio allows us to. We are just waiting for that approval! It will be along the lines of "Onward" "Secret Life of Pets 2" "Jumanji 2" those types of family friendly movies!

  • Can we sit outside of our car or have to stay in our car?

You can sit outside of your car as long as you stay in your cars footprint area. We want to maintain proper social distancing and make sure everyone has a great view!

  • Is the VIP Packages still available?

We decided for this showing to take those packages off the site due to keeping staff/customer contact to a minimum. We might add those packages in later if we show another movie!


  • Is there a double feature?

At this time 8:45 is the only show time!


  • How soon should we arrive?

Parking is based on first come first serve basis, HOWEVER larger vehicle such as trucks and large vans will be parked towards the back area. You will still have an awesome view as it is in front of the Grandstands!

  • Are we playing a movie on Friday night?

At this time we are not. Due to space limitations. But might hold an event in that area soon.


  • What happens once the vehicle passes run out.

Then you can purchase a ticket to sit in the Grandstands! We are only allowing approximately 400 in people in the stands to make sure we adhere to proper social distancing. The normal capacity for the Grandstands are over 2,000 people. We are limiting it to keep groups safely spaced out.